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Track your progress in the gym and discover new workouts with the most intuitive workout tracker on the App Store.


Record each set

Bolt is a great app for any weightlifting training program. Log each exercise set and keep track of your progress to see how your monthly performance improves over time. No more complicated excel spreadsheets!

Seamless planning

Create and save your training routines in a quick, streamlined planner.

Performance tracking

Easily view your daily performance history and automatically update each routine with smart tracking of your latest weights and reps.

Tagging and notes

Add notes for each exercise and easily tag warmups, dropsets, and failure sets.

On Demand Routines

Never draw a blank. Add engaging workout plans designed to target core areas for optimal results. Whether you're in the gym weight lifting, or outside jogging for some extra cardio, Discover has it all. Find free workouts for any fitness level designed by personal trainers, fitness models, and Olympic athletes to make it happen!



Whether you’re looking to track your personal records, build bigger muscle, track the strength of your squats, target a specific body part, or just plan your daily workout calendar – Bolt is one of the best workout apps on iPhone to make reaching your personal fitness goals easy.

Workout log

Save and create workouts on the fly


View exercise history and track your starting strength


Find free, curated routines to refresh your gym log


Step-by-step instructions for every exercise

Set Tagging

Tag warmups, dropsets, and failure sets

Rest Timer

Automatically start a rest timer after each set

Smart Tracking

Update routines with your latest weights and reps


Add comments or notes to each exercise

Featured Athletes

Discover some of the best workout routines from personal trainers, fitness models, nutrition coaches, best-selling authors, and even Olympic athletes — all for free!

Tyler Kelly
Fitness Expert & Author
Karey Northington
Certified Personal Trainer
Eric Guilmette
Online Fitness Coach
Ian Warner
Olympic Athlete

Are you an athlete? Feature your workouts with Bolt!

Want to share your strength training workout routines with the world? Get in touch and become part of the incredible Bolt community on iOS!

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Seamlessly log your workouts with Bolt

No more pen and paper in a weekly journal! Keep your workout data right on your iPhone with the most intuitive workout tracker for weight lifting on the App Store. Coming soon to Apple Watch.


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